About the 2016 Display

Computer Control

  • 8 computer networks to control the display (3 DMX universes, 4 Light-o-Rama networks, and one E1.31 Network)
  • 22 Light-O-Rama Controllers controlling 341 channels of animation.

Robotic Snowmen

Sunny the Animatronic Snowman

​Snowy the Animatronic Snowgirl

Pixel Megatree

Accounting for 2,700 pixels (8,100 RGB elements) using 27 DMX Universes with a 20 channel Icosa Star

Lights, lights and lights

Can you ever have enough lights.... NO.  In 2016 we had over 91,800

RGB and Pixel Items

  • Nativity Pixel Icicle Lights - 1,000 channels
  • 15 Mini Trees with 100 pixels each. (1,500 pixels)
  • 5 Cosmic Color Ribbon arches by Light-o-Rama - accounting for 750 channels of animation
  • 5 Bells with Cosmic Color Pixels from Light-o-Rama (adding 1,500 channels of animation)
  • House Pixel Icicle Lights - 504 channels and 1,512 lights
  • 34 RGB Arches with 2,040 LEDs

Our Fans

Once we get close to Christmas we have thousands of people come see the lights.  We enjoy watching the crowds almost as much as the lights.

Christmas from the Sidewalk

Here's an up front view from the sidewalk of the 2016 display