About the 2018 Display

Computer Control


  • 5 computer networks to control the display (2 USB DMX universes, 2 Light-o-Rama networks, and one E1.31 Network)
  • Multiple Computer Controllers - 11 Light-O-Rama AC Controllers, 11 DMX  controllers, 14 Pixel Controllers, 3 Servo controllers.
  • We use Lightorama software to control the show.

Robotic Snowmen


We love snowmen.  So our Show is hosted by 3 snowmen who welcome our guests and sing the music.  

Sunny the Animatronic Snowman

​Snowy the Animatronic Snowgirl

Winter the Animatronic Snowboy

Mega Tree and Icosa Star


Our Pixel mega tree gets lots of comments.  We love making magic with all the effects we can do on this tree.

Lights, lights and lights


Can you ever have enough lights.... NO!

In 2018 we had over 90,000 lights, with a significant increase in pixels and RGB lights allowing for great color to the display.

We have 364 lighted items in the diplay with over 33,000 channels of animation. 

RGB and Pixel Items


We had 11,037 pixels and 8,057 RGB lights.  The following items have pixels or RGBs:

  • House with Snowflakes and Icicles
  • Nativity Arch
  • Mini Trees
  • Angels
  • Arches in the yard and around the yard
  • Candy Cane poles
  • Mega Tree and Star
  • Bells
  • Bushes
  • House Floods

Our Fans


Once we get close to Christmas we have thousands of people come see the lights.  We enjoy watching the crowds almost as much as the lights.

Christmas from the Sidewalk

Here's an up front view from the sidewalk of the 2016 display