In the News

First Coast News 2015

We made the local Jacksonville magazine in 2015.  We were honored to tell our story.

Christmas Light Extraordinaire

What a complement!  It brings us joy to be able to share our love of Christmas lights with the community.

The 2014 Great Christmas Light Fight

Here is our 10  minutes of fame condensed from the 2014 show.  What a lifetime experience.  We thank God, ABC, Triple Threat Productions and all our friends who pointed them to us for this experience.

Action News - December 2014

Here is one of the news stories the year we were on TV.  All the major networks came out.  It was quite the experience.

First Coast News - December 2014

The people at First Coast came out to interview us on the night we aired on the show.  It added to all the excitement.

A Hometown Story 2012

WJCT the local Jacksonville PBS station produced a video about the light display of Christmas on Crystal Springs and the work of our family.